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Our Emergency Response

UBERGFE team is one of many companies that have staff in Ukraine 
Our site was created by a team of talented developers from Kyiv,

who are now forced to hide in bomb shelters and save their families.
This situation is very personal for us! - The head office of operators is located in Ukraine. 
We were help you for many years to make your moments in life better and hotter. 
But our staff are in situation NOW that’s hotter than in hell.
‘’They don’t see much most of the time, but they hear a lot of explosions and sirens.’’
We still help you to provide the better service 24/7, but we need to support families of our employees, 
We provided Ukrainian team members additional funds to help cover the costs of travel and relocation.

But the most of them located are in areas considered to be dangerous. 

WE want to help our employees families to relocated.. but today we are facing a situation in which began the heartbreaking separation of families, as men stayed behind and the wives and children sought safety elsewhere.

The situation quickly grew complicated after Ukraine’s state border guard service prohibited men ages 18 to 60 from leaving the country. 

All we can do at this point is arrange financial assistance for Our Ubergfe Company,

for our employees and their families. Donate Now!

Money transferred to this account will be used to provide food and shelter, to provide clothing, shoes, and medicine for them, to buy staple goods,

to pay out one-off financial aid and to meet other essential needs in this terrible time of war.

Donate Today

ETH/ERC20 Receiving Address

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BTC Receiving Address


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